Random Facts About Me!

This is an old one that I posted on Facebook back in 2011, originally called the “20 Facts” (the number of random facts I came up with about myself at the time), which sat in my note section for a while. I thought I would bring it up a notch and add on to the list. I think this makes for a fun first post so you can get to know me a little better.


I am Portuguese/American, born and raised in the famous Big Easy – New Orleans, Louisiana (USA);

I love cars!

The strangest things that I have eaten are snails, frog legs and crocodile (yum!);

I am a perfectionist. I bore people out of their minds when I am incapable of turning my back on something that, in my mind, is “out of line”. I drove my friends mad in college on group projects;

I hate washing dishes!Oh, I’ll do it if I have to…and the high pile is about to fall over;

I literally stand by my sixth sense to death. It RARELY ever fools me;

I am a Foodie. I love anything that is food related. In fact, I grew up in my parents family Italian Restaurant “Ciro’s Pizza and Spaghetti House” on Maple Street, which was a hit back in the day. Do any of you New Orleanians remember?? The majority of my jobs as a student where in restaurants and one day I would not turn down the opportunity to own my own. Otherwise, proper table service suits for a very happy me!

I care for a valuable resume and get involved in everything that I believe will make me a better person and professional;

I admire ambitious and mindful people, who know what they want in life. They are a driving force for my life;

Trying to actually keep my glasses ON my face is always a hassle and things just don’t seem as real to me as when I use contact lenses (am I the only one with this strange feeling??);

I continuously try to be a better person with each passing day;

I have chronic bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis that make me suffer terribly in cold/humid climates. Tissues have been my best friends for years. Anyone needing tissues knows who to get them from;


I am a blood donor and try to donate twice a year;

I love being frugal and using my money the intelligent way!

My pet peeve is judgmentalness

I am horrible at maths. Like seriously super drop dead BAD at math. Which to be honest is a bit contradictory when I say that I for God adore Finances! It gets pretty ridiculous when I try to count change sometimes or mentally calculate every time! (what would the world be without our beloved bank cards and calculators?!);

My favorite book is The Secret. I feel like it has given me a completely different perspective on life;

I have been a ballerina since age 6 and have practiced all kinds of dance styles since then: 6 years of classical ballet (USA), 6 years of Modern Dance – Graham Technique (USA), 10 years of Belly Dance (Portugal) and other random styles such as Flamenco (USA), Hip-hop (Portugal), Contemporary (Portugal), Jazz, etc. I like Belly dancing the most.

I am somewhat clumsy with simple, random tasks like opening and closing doors or buttoning up my coat (oh the frustration!);

I am a very distracted and forgetful person. I might as well look at someone in the face and not notice them or forget what I had for lunch;

The violin and the piano gave me enough musical knowledge to teach myself how to play the acoustic guitar, although I have hit a dead end and would need classes to develop my skill;      

I have been ever so lucky to have learned 4 languages over the course of my life: French, English, Portuguese and Spanish (…a friend of mine actually knows 12 languages!How is that even possible!?);

So far, for a longer or shorter period of time, I have lived in 5 different countries: USA, Portugal, France, Belgium and England (YES, my life has been oh-so-blessed!). It’s impossible not to misspell!

 I tell everyone that I am from the World as I have never really settled in one place for long, even so, I consider Portugal my home;

My favorite colors are Black and Pink, but not together. I am weird like that;

I am a Nurse!             

I am allergic to fake jewelry (I’ll just have to use the nice stuff i guess…just saying… xD);

I have a list of favorite quotes;

I am a total sucker for Traveling! I L-O-V-E. LOVE. To. Travel! Discovering world cultures, traditions and languages… one day I hope to travel the world, which is one of the goals set in my Lifebook;


I am an overall pretty easy person to please. My interests are broad and I am fond of TOO MANY things;

 I rarely reject challenges. I love trying random things and having different experiences;

I have already been sprayed with pepper spray (there you go for someone who adores different experiences!);

I enjoy public speaking;

I hate going to bed early but while it may feel really great staying in bed in the mornings…I hate waking up late, because…;

…I love being productive! For me, time in bed is time wasted (not on such a healthier point of view). Talk about complicated mind!;

I highlight WAY too much (something I also do with my Amazon Kindle App!);

I never feel like I have “nothing to do”. To be honest, I have wished endless times for my day to double so that I can learn and experience double the things!

I eat with my utensils on the wrong side for a right-handed person. This is particularly a challenge with fish cutlery;

I don’t really watch TV unless I am really in the mood to do so. Which is hardly ever;

Sun and Nature are a couple of my favorite things because they keep me at peace

Everyone has their phobias. Mine are: Tripofobia (aversion or disgust of objects with irregular patterns of holes, such as beehives, ant hills and lotus seed heads) and Thanatophobia (fear of death);

I am obsessed with learning things through internet research (on my favorite topics, obviously.), see it as a hobby and spend way too much time on it;

I love defining life goals, organization, and making lists. I hardly ever have my mind set in the present. It is either in the past or in the future.

So there you have it, a list of a few random facts about me. What are some random things about yourself? Maybe I’ll get more ideas from your comments and add on some more!


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